BLM Caravan

Island Liaison participated as part of the caravan display in showing support for BLM.

See our new PI Census Video!

AZ AANHPI for Equity Complete Count Committee & Island Liaison, Inc. brings to you the three ways on to how to “BE COUNTED” in this 2020 Census. Watch and listen to the Pacific Islander languages of Chamorro, Marshallese, and Chuukese from the region of Micronesia in the Western Pacific. Greetings, People of the Mariana Islands!

SPARK Podcast Features Island Liaison

Episode 1: A Conversation with Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

SPARK Podcast Features Island Liaison’s very own President, Claudia Kaercher. SPARK reached out to Island Liaison to feature with other guests in the 1st of 3 episode series; this thoughtful podcast is dedicated to show where national and regional leaders of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage can share their views, ideas, thoughts, and interests in a safe environment.

COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

Ride the healthy waves and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We can all help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and end the pandemic by following CDC guidelines and getting vaccinated. Family is very important to our Pacific Island cultures – as such, it is important to keep those more at risk

Census 2020 – Count Me In!

Every 10 years, each household receives the Decennial Census to complete which helps shape future decisions and resources. For census resources click here. Due to COVID-19, the deadline to submit your “Be Counted” has been extended to October 15 2020.

Asian Chamber of Commerce AZ’s 2020 Person of the Year

Congratulations to our very own President, Claudia Kaercher, for being recognized by the Asian Chamber of Commerce AZ’s 2020 person of the Year! Claudia Kaercher, President of Island Liaison, was recognized this past 18 January 2020 for her active contributions in the community. Claudia has been involved in several organizations throughout Arizona and has provided

AZ Maricopa County Assessor Paul Peterson Adoption Fraud Scheme Press Release

NEWS RELEASE!!! 26 December 2019This is the latest status on our collaborative humanitarian work helping the Marshallese women (considered victims) enmeshed in the Arizona Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen Adoption Fraud Scheme. At the time of Peterson’s arrest on 8 October 2019, eight Marshallese women (one babysitter, one previously gave birth a month before the

Fronteras Update

In the adoption scandal that was made known last year, several Marshallese women gave birth and were involved in the dispute against former Maricopa County Assessor, Paul Peterson. During this time, Island Liaison helped mediate the process by providing translation and connecting supportive services to those affected as they faced the difficult task of finding

2019 Annual Fundraiser

Island Liaison Inc. 5th Annual Celebration & Fundraiser 12 October 2019 To all our Partners, Supporters, and Countless Volunteers, we say… Thank You ~ Si Yu’uss Ma’ase ~ Mahalo ~ Olomwaay ~ Kom̧m̧ool ~ Ke mesulang ~ Kammagar ~ Kinisou chapur ~ Kalangan ~ Kulo ~ Ko Rab’a ~ Tubwa We appreciate the community celebrating