26 December 2019
This is the latest status on our collaborative humanitarian work helping the Marshallese women (considered victims) enmeshed in the Arizona Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen Adoption Fraud Scheme.

At the time of Peterson’s arrest on 8 October 2019, eight Marshallese women (one babysitter, one previously gave birth a month before the arrest of Peterson) and six of whom were still pregnant – were left without any resources. But that all changed when the following community organizations partnered with Claudia F. Kaercher, Founder and Miriam Aneo, Community Outreach of Island Liaison ( to coordinate and provide services and resources.

The words “thank you” are not enough to say to all of you…
Dr. Kathryn Nakagawa, Asian Pacific Community in Action (, Mountain Park Health Center (, Clara Ann Waggner, International Rescue Committee (, representatives from the Phoenix Legal Action Network (, and members of the local Midwives Organization (Lynnet Casey and Pam White), and the Marshallese community. And to other individuals, the Japanese American Citizens League-Arizona Chapter (, the Humanitarian Project Fund of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and Pastor Greg Pratt, Life Church, all of whom have donated funds to help the women.

As of today, all of the Marshallese women have given birth to healthy infants and have departed Arizona to join family members in other states. Our Team’s goal was to go through this journey with the women in the safest and peaceful manner.

Too few people understand the impact nonprofit organizations make in local communities. It was a privilege for Island Liaison to play an integral part in righting a wrong that started thousands of miles away and had a tragic impact in Arizona. We were able to support these women, and all of us should support local organizations that make a difference for families and others in need.

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that we have for your generosity and understanding of our Humanitarian mission from 9 October through 12 December 2019.

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