Our efforts are thanks to our generous donors and the support we receive from the community and our partner organizations.


Island Liaison, Inc.'s mission is to serve as a resource for educational and cultural enrichment as well as health and government services locally to the Pacific Islander community in Arizona.


Island Liaison, Inc. serves to foster and expand the network of lasting relationships with the Pacific Islander community and other resource organizations and community members.


Our Logo

Island Liaison represents 7 different elements of various Micronesian cultures. Coming together in the plumeria flower, with a traditional sailing vessel in the center, shown clockwise are:

  • Bai from the Republic of Palau: a community meeting house in the village center used by governing elders.
  • Rai or Fei used in the state of Yap/FSM: stone money used in Yap, brought from a stone quarry in Airai, Palau. Although US currency is used today, culturally the stone money is still used in social transactions such as land transfers, weddings, etc.
  • Love Sticks used in the state of Chuuk/FSM: ornately carved pieces of wood traditionally used as a tool for courtship. The fellow would push his carved love stick through the side of a hut and the young lady would either push it away to show disinterest or pull on it, signalling for him to come in the hut.
  • Dance Paddles used in the state of Pohnpei/FSM: traditionally used in Pohnpeian dances. Men standing have war paddles and the women sitting with their dokia sticks.
  • Navigational Stick Chart used in the Republic of the Marshall Islands: also called rebbelibs, medos, and mattangs. The charts are made of midrib of coconut fronds representing waves and currents. The shells represent atolls and islands, and the coconut fibers tie the chart together. It’s a teaching tool. Navigators memorize the chart before they begin their journey.
  • Latte Stone found in the Mariana Archipelago, US Territories Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI): Haligi, a stone base column with Tasa, a bowl-like on top pillars (two parallel rows of four or more) holds the steep pitched thatched roof, poles, and thatch sidings. Could be from 4 to 7 feet in height.

Island Liaison is a non-profit Tax Exempt 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization located in Phoenix, Arizona