The mission of Island Liaison, Inc. is to serve as a resource providing awareness of locally available health and educational agencies, other government services, and opportunities to help Pacific Islanders, especially those from the region of Micronesia, communities living in Arizona.


Island Liaison serves to foster and expand the network of lasting relationships with the Pacific Islander community and other resource organizations and community members.


Our Logo

Island Liaison represents different elements of the various Micronesian cultures. Coming together in the plumeria listed clockwise as shown is: a traditional sailing vessel in the center;

  • Bai from the Republic of Palau;
  • FSM Stone Money from Yap;
  • "Love Sticks" from Chuuk;
  • Dance Paddles from Pohnpei;
  • Navigational Stick Chart from Republic of the Marshall Islands;
  • Latte Stone found in the Mariana Archipelago.

Island Liaison is a non-profit Tax Exempt 501 (c) (3)  Charitable Organization located in Phoenix, Arizona