Island Liaison provides opportunities for youth volunteers who need community service credit hours. We also link students to scholarships for education enrichment programs.

In 2022, APACE Academy resumed the summer program.

APACE Academy
Asian Pacific Advocacy Culture and Education

Island Liaison fully supported the formation of the summer leadership academy, APACE, at Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe. Island Liaison worked with community organizations to promote educational enrichment activities for Asian Pacific youths. This summer program offered leadership training and encouraged the empowerment of high school students to continue their education.

Empowerment Forum

Island Liaison empowers Asian Pacific youth through various student events and programs that offer them an opportunity to develop leadership skills and become ambassadors in their communities.

On 27 April 2019, Island Liaison held it's first official Pacific Island Empowerment Forum. The workshop was open to youth and adults alike, and focused on civic engagement, providing information for college readiness, and going over financial tools to help compose a budget.