Episode 1: A Conversation with Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

SPARK Podcast Features Island Liaison’s very own President, Claudia Kaercher. SPARK reached out to Island Liaison to feature with other guests in the 1st episode in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM); this thoughtful podcast is dedicated to show where national and regional leaders of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage can share their views, ideas, thoughts, and interests in a safe environment.

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You can listen to the episode (Released May 4th, 2020) here.

Read more of the episode below:

Host: Bill Imada, Founder Chairman & Chief Connectivity Officer, IW Group Inc., California


  • Ms. Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, Co-Founder/CEO, Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action (PIK2AR), Utah;
  • Ms. Claudia Kaercher, President, Island Liaison, Inc., Arizona;
  • Ms. Chael Kekona, Online Graduate Student, Colorado State University, Hawaii; alumna, National Millennial and Gen Z Community; and,
  • Ms. Jamie Brookshire, Store Manager, Walmart Academy Store.

Moderator: Joanne Tabellija-Murphy, National Director of Corporate Affairs Constituent Relations at Walmart

This conversation was recorded from everyone’s respected homes on April 28th, 2020.

Intro Music Credit: BensonSounds

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