Island Liaison Inc. 5th Annual Celebration & Fundraiser 12 October 2019

To all our Partners, Supporters, and Countless Volunteers, we say...

Thank You ~ Si Yu'uss Ma'ase ~ Mahalo ~ Olomwaay ~ Kom̧m̧ool ~ Ke mesulang ~ Kammagar ~ Kinisou chapur ~ Kalangan ~ Kulo ~ Ko Rab'a ~ Tubwa

We appreciate the community celebrating with us our five years as a nonprofit organization. From the saying "It takes a village," in our case, it has taken all of you to help us succeed. Your hearts are a giving one and ours are very grateful.

Through your generosity, Island Liaision, Inc., will be able to continue our programs scheduled for the year 2020 (ie: 2020 summer leadership APACE program,  Empowerment Forum, & our annual celebration fundraiser.)

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