Claudia F. Kaercher

Founder & President

Claudia advocates for education and awareness to the community at large about the FAS islanders and their COFA status.

Claudia is an active member for the following organizations: Phoenix Chinese American Citizens Alliance (PCACA), Mountain Park Health Center (MPHC), City of Phoenix, Police Chief’s Advisory Board and Arizona Chamber of Commerce. 

Claudia also provides community outreach to different educational programs such as the ASU Asian Pacific American Studies (APAS) program, the Asian Pacific Advocacy, Culture, and Education (APACE) Academy at ASU, the Grand Canyon University’s summer cultural program, and the Arizona Christian University.

Her past experience includes her role as: the 2010 US Census Partnership Assistant for Pacific Islanders in Arizona and (Nevada based on need), commissioner for the City of Phoenix Pacific Rim Advisory Council (PRAC), member of former Governor Janet Napolitano’s Asian American Advisory Council, and the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) founded by Mrs. Cindy McCain. From 2014-2015, Claudia was a Fellow of Leading for Change Arizona.