AZ AANHPI for Equity Complete Count Committee & Island Liaison, Inc. brings to you the three ways on to how to “BE COUNTED” in this 2020 Census.

Watch and listen to the Pacific Islander languages of Chamorro, Marshallese, and Chuukese from the region of Micronesia in the Western Pacific.

2020 US Census Video: Chamorro
2020 US Census Video: Marshallese
2020 US Census Video: Chuukese

Greetings, People of the Mariana Islands! Bringing to you information on the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census. The federal/U.S. government conducts a population count every 10 years. The data from the census provide the basis for distributing billions of dollars in federal funds annually to communities across the country to support many vital programs for the seniors, children, and families. Your Voice Matters!

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Your response in the 2020 Census will help move us forward, Thank you!