Miriam Aneo

Board of Directors; Community Outreach Liaison/Interpretor (Marshallese)

Miriam Aneo  is from the Marshall Islands and was born to the late Dr. Enta Peter and Jeita Peter, RN. Her father was the first Dentist of the Marshall Islands, while her mother was a nurse during World War lI; because of her upbringing she decided that it would be her turn to help her community and those around her too. Miriam immigrated in 1994 as a transfer from the Marshall Islands under the 177 Health care programs for Mercy Healthcare as a patient referral coordinator, bringing patients in from four of the Atolls that were infected by the US Nuclear testing Bomb called “Bravo '' in The Marshall Islands. She later worked at Queen medical center POB 2 as a receptionist for 3 years where she helped Marshallese residents that lacked the English language, and that was just the beginning of her Journey in making a difference for her people. There has been so much more behind the scenes in her life that truly helped out those around her planning community sport events, participating in church groups and fundraisers, until tragedy hit her family in 2010, her beloved husband Junior Aneo had passed on tragically , leaving her with 3 kids and another along the way, however, with the help of her friends and family she was able to get back on her fit. After giving birth she went back to work for Hawaii international airport swissport where eventually after 3 years she was promoted to supervisor making her children the center of her world and doing whatever it was going to take to provide for them. Now about four years later after her eldest daughter graduated from high school she had decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona with her. Since then she has slowly been climbing up the ladder in being out there and representing the Marshallese Community. Her works include promoting Census 2020, being a board member of Island Liason, also being one of the court’s official Translators. She continues to want to make a difference in her community bringing light about healthcare programs and educating them in what's available, “it’s better to educate the parents first, because the kids will see the good that they’re doing and would want to follow.”